The Next Exciting Series Featuring Your Favorite Procrastinating Heroes.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 1

 Our heroes awaken to a world in shambles, and attempt to figure just what has been going on.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 2

After plunging headlong into another dangerous situation, our heroes realize which path was the easy one, and which one will probably kill them.      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 3

Lost in Hellfire Citadel, our group of heroes attempts to figure out just what is going on in that enormous building.      



Survivor: Wastelands Episode 4

The perilous journey through Hellfire Citadel comes to climactic conclusion, but what will that mean for our heroes?      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 5

Onward and upwards as our heroes attempt to locate the mysterious Draenei, and most likely stumble into a situation they are in no way prepared for.      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 6

The saga continues as our heroes attempt to figure out what happened during the five-year gap, and the answer could change the dynamic of the group forever.      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 7

With the Draenei in trouble, our heroes must venture out to prevent a new catastrophe from being unleashed on the world.      

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 8

With renewed wills, our heroes venture out into this new world, and promptly screw things up.      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 9

On the run from ghosts, our heroes head blindly into a crypt, unaware of the dangers that await them.      

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 10

With crazy Druids and evil Naga running about, our heroes have their hands full trying to stop them.      

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 11

Trapped and captured, our heroes attempt to outwit Naga and crazed Druid alike.      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 12

Stuck in the Coilfang Reservoir, our heroes attempt to track down the source of the Naga's corruption, while Pro tries to figure out just how much he's going to brag about killing an Elemental Lord.      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 13

Confrontations are the name of the game in this episode: Ela and Windrift versus Vashj, Harmless, Rocetmal, and Vaccaro versus Pantheon, and Kaida versus the sober inhabitants of Shattrah.      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 14

Confronted with an impenetrable energy shield and a floating ball of God-knows-what, our heroes have their work cut out for them.      



Survivor: Wastelands Episode 15

With Zangarmarsh behind them and a possible drunk Kaida destroying the city, our heroes attempt to confront (or if Pro had it has way, avoid indefinitely) their latest challenges.      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 16

Captured by SI:7 and heading to a new town of Draenei, our heroes find themselves confronted with mystery at every turn.      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 17

With Windrift and Ela dragging Rocetmal, Vaccaro, and Harmless to look for missing Draenei, and Rharl being the only person to really care about the mission SI:7 is about the give them, the threat to our heroes lives has never been greater (also, never let a Warlock hypnotize you).      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 18

Windrift's genius plan to destroy the demonic portal hits a snag, Rocetmal places his life in the hands of a couple Infernals, and Bdiz gets everyone lost again, just another day in the office.      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 19

While attempting to figure out what happened to Vaccaro, our heroes find out that their demon troubles are far from over. Up in the Blades Edge Mountains, SI:7's newest operatives finally arrive at Toshley Station.      

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 20

With demons in one hand, and incredibly stupid gnomes in the other, our heroes have their work cut out for them in this latest challenge.      


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 21

This episode answers the important questions left over from Episode 20: Where the hell did Kaida come from, will Vaccaro be able to seal the Demonic Portal, and how well can Windrift blend in with demons?      

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 22

After overloading a demonic portal, our heroes find themselves in the true end of nowhere, and Dynamo, Pro, and Kaida take on a mission from the new King of the Ogres.…


 Survivor: Wastelands Episode 23

After finding themselves right in the middle of a Manaforge, with everyone's favorite evil minion, our heroes try defuse magic bombs and try not to get stepped on by giant Ogres.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 24

After being pulled into the Void, our heroes struggle to find out where they ended up, and Dynamo is forced to take on an entire camp of demons.



Survivor: Wastelands Episode 25

Trapped out of time, our heroes attempt to return to reality with the help of the least likeliest person ever, and Pro finds some really big demons.


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 26

Our heroes will be tested in this installment, as Rocetmal must confront his fear of gigantic bugs, and Pro tries to chum it up with a Pit Lord.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 27

In this next exciting episode, we have one group returning to lie about their success in slaying a Pit Lord, and another group ready to enter a sand-infested hellhole.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 28

With the Night Elves about to engage in another challenge to the death, and Rocetmal still in mid-air, it's safe to say that someone is going to get hurt.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 29

As if facing down more Ogres and ancient Qiarji gods weren't enough, our heroes confront their most dangerous challenge: Ela's need to murder everything in sight.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 30

The quest through AQ continues, while our heroes find themselves at the wrong end of a hangover.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 31

Our heroes find themselves in the most precarious situations: One group finds themselves on the menu for a dinner party, and Rocetmal fell down a hole.


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 32

The trek through Ahn' Qiraji continues as more questions are raised, and the group learns a startling new fact about Kaida.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 33

Pro finds himself in the middle of a stage production to the death, and the group in Ahn' Qiraji have to rely on social media to save their lives.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 34

In this exciting installment, our heroes help craft the greatest and most annoying play ever, and the trek through C'Thun's lair gets really sticky.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 35

Having defeated Battleguard Satura, our heroes plot out their next moves to survive AQ, while the heroes stuck in Karazhan just wish there weren't so many damn stairs.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 36

Placing their faith in Satura, our heroes venture farther in AQ, while in Karazhan, the group sees how many stairs it takes before Pro collapses.