Our exploits in PlanetSide 2 on behalf of the glorious Terran Empire, bring on the bullets!

Funside: The Beta Episode 1

With the NDA finally lifted, it's time for some awesome Planetside 2 footage. We give flying Liberators and Galaxies a try, and make our first push to take the Crown.      

Funside: The Beta Episode 2

Episode 2 of our Beta gameplay, which features our first experience with night combat, Kual and Dan try to duo-handedly take an entire base, and we learn why you shouldn't try to land two aircraft on one landing pad.


Funside: The Beta Episode 3

Our continuing misadventures that usually end with us dying for the glorious Terran Republic. This week, we see the unstoppable force that is MAX-Drew, and Dan and Arveene backdoor a Vanu base using the time-honored tactic or doing absolutely crazy shit.

Funside: The Beta Episode 4

Episode 4 of the continued havoc that is the Planetside 2 Beta, featuring our attempts to firebomb a fleet of Galaxies, and a discussion about the sadness video game death ever (post your favorite ones in the comments section, because I guarantee we probably a couple real big ones).

Funside: The Beta Episode 5

Our first episode since the wipe, where we attempt to use the Liberator's new weapons, Arveene and Dan find a secret base at the Crown, and we fight the age-old war of tanks versus very tiny staircases.


Funside: Episode 1

The first episode of our post-beta Planetside 2 show, filled with how Dan and Kual measure their success in the game, and Dan has his most badass moment ever.      

Funside: Episode 2

Episode 2 of Funside, where Kual goes on Sunderer-destroying duty, and Dan has a profound revelation while healing Arveene as a MAX.      


Funside: Episode 3

Episode 3 of Funside, where Dan and Kual find the saddest way to die, and then absolutely decimate some Sunderers in a Prowler. Also, Blue and Arveene continue teamkilling Dan.