Our series on Hawken, yet another F2P giant robot game, we can't get enough of it.

FunHawk Episode 1

Our first episode of FunHawk, our brand new show in Hawken, where Arveene laments at how many assists he gets during a match and Dan feels Duo Maxwell's pain.

FunHawk Episode 2

Episode 2 of FunHawk, where Arveene winds up on the wrong side of the tracks, and we confront our greatest enemy.      


FunHawk Episode 3

Episode 3 of Funhawk, where Drew and Dan turn on each other after destroying the other team, and we all start to really hate the radar scrambler.      

FunHawk Episode 4

Episode 4 of FunHawk, where Arveene teaches Dan to be stealthy, we agree that the Grenadier sucks on Team Deathmatch, and Dan shuts down the Iron Curtain.      

FunHawk Episode 5

Episode 5 of FunHawk, where Dan sees how low he can get his health, and Arveene once again proves how imbalanced the Scout Mech is.      

FunHawk Episode 6

Episode 6 of FunHawk, where Arveene and Dan go 2v3 against another team, and prove why the scout mech owns faces.      


FunHawk Episode 7

Episode 7 of FunHawk, where Blue condemns Dan to swift death from Arveene, and we find out how to make matches really challenging.      

FunHawk Episode 8

Episode 8 of FunHawk, where Dan has to take on Kual and Arveene, the Scout Mech brands Arveene a hacker, and we all get disappointed at not being able to get above 50 kills in TDM anymore.      


FunHawk Episode 9

Episode 9 of FunHawk, where Arveene and Kual team up to make Dan's life a living hell, and then yell at him for being a feeder.      


FunHawk Episode 10

Episode 10 of FunHawk, where Dan ditches the Recruit Mech, we all ditch TDM, and Drew attempts to save Dan from Kaul and Arveene's wrath.      



FunHawk Episode 11

Episode 11 of FunHawk, where Drew and Arveene attempt to crush Dan and Kual, the Recruit Mech gloves come off, and Drew gets sad because they nerfed the Grenadier.      

FunHawk Episode 12

Episode 12 of FunHawk, where Dan, Kual, and Arveene try out 24 player TDM, and we finally hit on a T-Shirt slogan.