Our playthrough of L4D2 maps, come watch us get totally overrun by zombies! 

Left 4 Fun Episode 4

Episode 4 of Left 4 Fun, where we reach the finale of the Dniepr Campaign, and once again prove we have no idea what we're doing.


Left 4 Fun Episode 3

Episode 3 of Left 4 Fun, where we take on the most annoying part of the Dniepr Campaign, we find out how much easier things are when Francis isn't being controlled by an AI, and we all feel a new sense of love for merry-go-rounds.

Left 4 Fun Episode 2

Episode 2 of Left 4 Fun, where we take on Part 2 of the Dniepr Campaign, Arveene fails at platforming, and we really start to hate dark stairways.


Left 4 Fun Episode 1

Episode 1 of our official L4D2 series, where Arveene, Drew, and Dan take on the newly release Dnieper custom campaign. Also, metal detectors really suck.