The next exciting series featuring your favorite procrastinating heroes. This page features the ten most recent episodes. For earlier episodes, visit the Archives.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 55

The ploys to infiltrate both the prison camp and to spike the Blood Well begin in earnest, and both Ela and Rocetmal have trouble keeping their mouths shut.


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 54

Operation: Gnome Down (Pro is thinking of a snappier title) is in full effect as our heroes attempt to infiltrate an ancient Troll stronghold, while Windrift attempts to guide the group to an Alliance town out in the middle of a barren hellscape.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 53

Quick Note: Sorry for the delayed release of this episode, Dan kinda died over Christmas, which put a bit of a wrench in the episode production. Without further adieu...

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 52

Returning back to the Undercity as victorious heroes, the team realizes this is but a first step on their path to defeating Illidan and finally not someone trying to kill them.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 51

The end of Tempest Keep awaits our heroes. Rocetmal's spine, Pro's charred flesh, and Steven the Voidwalker's newfound intelligence are on the line as our heroes attempt to end the Blood Elf threat.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 50

Pro comes face to face with his mortality as our heroes struggle to defuse the Boomkin Bomb.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 49

The way to Tempest Keep lies open, and all that stands in our heroes way is Pro's desire for a new flammable pet.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 48

With the generators within sight, our heroes lay it all on the line to shut them down. Resolves will be tested, limbs will be broken, and Pro might sacrifice an innocent Treant.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 47

As our heroes delve deeper into the madness of Tempest Keep, they confront the horrors of this magical complex: prison riots, boredom, and stairs, so many stairs.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 46

Divided like never before, our heroes have to overcome the intricacies of Tempest Keep, and deal with their greatest challenge yet: Pro's lack of anything close to an attention span.