Viperline Films is the result of one man’s boredom combined with his ability to coerce his friends into helping him. Since 2007, we’ve produced the comedy series Survivor: Stranglethorn Vale and Survivor: Wastelands. Set in World of Warcraft,  the show features the on-going antics of the worst adventurers Azeroth has ever seen (just like real WoW).

Starting in 2011, Dan thought it would be interesting to start uploading gameplay videos of the stuff everyone was playing. He thought it might be cool to showcase the general hilarity that happened when everyone played together; as opposed to awe-inspiring feats of skill (the Internet already had plenty of no-scope sniping montages anyway). Unfortunately for Dan, the end result turned out to be a teamkilling spree the likes of which Youtube had never seen. Now five days a week, you can watch Dan, Arveene, Blue, Kual, Izumo, and Drew make their way through helicopter flights, the rabid zombies of Chenarus, the insanity of Pandora, Aperture Science, and anything else that crosses our path. Enjoy.