This is the show where we die, a lot, because it's Dark Souls.

Fun Souls: Episode 22

Episode 22 of Fun Souls, featuring the actual final boss in the game, the goddamn Darklurker. This pretty much wraps up Dark Souls 2 for us until we start taking on the DLC, the first of which I believe is out now.

Fun Souls: Episode 21

Episode 21 of Fun Souls, featuring the Final (but not really Final) bosses in the game, so come watch Dan kill Throne Defends and Nashandra while he and Kual talk about Arrow.

Fun Souls: Episode 20

Episode 20 of Fun Souls, where I kill both the easy dragon and the hard dragon in this game. Fortunately, this video doesn't include all the footage of me having to run back to fight the Ancient Dragon a million times.

Fun Souls: Episode 19

Episode 19 of Fun Souls, where Dan takes on the FPS level of the game (otherwise known as the Shrine of Amana), we talk about how the Demon of Song could be harder, and because the Undead Crypt is really quick, we included the Velstadt fight in here as well.

Fun Souls: Episode 18

Episode 18 of Fun Souls, featuring Kual's continued battle against the sinners of Dark Souls, and Dan thankfully doesn't have to fight any players during his duel with the Looking Glass Knight.

Fun Souls: Episode 17

Episode 17 of Fun Souls, where Dan reaches Drangleic Castle, instantly forgetting the easy way he cleared it on PS3, and we see how quickly we can kill the two Dragonriders.

Fun Souls: Episode 16

Episode 16 of Fun Souls, featuring the last Primal Soul kill, and the slaying of those annoying Gargoyles (thankfully Dan doesn't get Belbro-massacred too much on my way to fight them), and due to NPC buffing, he finally completes Lucatiel's quest.

Fun Souls: Episode 15

Episode 15 of Fun Souls, where Dan takes on the last part of Brightstone Cove Tseldora (because the Congregation fight is possibly the easiest Boss Fight in the game), the final boss drums up some old Zelda memories, and Kual really mishears what Dan says.

Fun Souls: Episode 14

Episode 14 of Fun Souls, featuring the tail end of Dan's expedition in Old Iron Keep, we talk about Windows XP's glaring security vulnerabilities, and we fight this game's version of Diablo.

Fun Souls: Episode 13

Episode 13 of Fun Souls, featuring the start of our adventure in Old Iron Keep, we browse a Reddit thread of a guy posting one-line status updates every time he's died in Dark Souls 2, and Dan takes on the goddamn Smelter Demon.

Fun Souls: Episode 12

Episode 12 of Fun Souls, where Dan fights a bunch of Predators, and takes on a marriage counseling nightmare.

Fun Souls: Episode 11

Episode 11 of Fun Souls, where Dan gets lost in the Gutter, Arveene gets tired of his shit, and we take down the Rotten before the Lucatiel NPC kills itself.

Fun Souls: Episode 10

Episode 10 of Fun Souls, where Dan takes on the Earthen Tower, Arveene gets demolished in Drangleic Castle, and Dan really starts to hate people who don't set the windmill on fire.

Fun Souls: Episode 9

Episode 9 of Fun Souls, where Dan ventures through the poison-infested bog that is Harvest Valley, Kual gets his ass handed to him in Hex, and we kill Jabba the Hutt.

Fun Souls: Episode 8

Episode 8 of Fun Souls, where Dan takes on the Executioner's Chariot, and we discuss the Metal Gear series.

Fun Souls: Episode 7

Episode 7 of Fun Souls, where Dan takes on the Skeleton Lords, we discuss the then-current outlook of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and Dan falls off cliffs a lot (and surprisingly he keeps the rage in my head and doesn’t scream it out loud).

Fun Souls: Episode 6

Episode 6 of Fun Souls, where Dan takes on the Ruined Sentinels and we have a joyous discussion about good old World of Warcraft.

Fun Souls: Episode 5

Episode 5 of Fun Souls, where Dan takes on the Flexile Sentry and Arveene compiles the rules for Drunk Souls.

Fun Souls: Episode 4

Episode 4 of Fun Souls, where Dan takes on the Dragonrider, and Kual discusses the etiquette of world invasions.

Fun Souls: Episode 3

Episode 3 of Fun Souls, where Dan takes on the Pursuer, and by “takes on”, we mean he dies a lot to him.

Fun Souls: Episode 2

Episode 2 of Fun Souls, featuring Dan trying to get to the Last Giant, which is honestly really hard since we're used to playing  PS3 characters that has a full stamina bar. Also, Arveene and Dan discuss our first deaths in game.

Fun Souls: Episode 1

Episode 1 of Fun Souls, our soul-crushing trip through the world of Dark Souls 2.  This first episode features Dan's run through Things Betwixt, and Kual and Dan feel bad for the fact that Arveene didn't have the Internet growing up.