FunZ Episode 1

Our inaugural episode detailing our misadventures in DayZ, where we annoy the crap out of Arveene as he attempts to shuttle us around, and then just for fun, we poke the hornet's nest in Novi Sobor.      


FunZ Episode 2

Episode 2 of FunZ, where we contemplate alternative uses for camo in this game, have a tense standoff with what turns out to our friends (still should have shot them anyway), and we start raiding the airfields.      

FunZ Episode 3

The second part of our airfield raiding, where Drew confronts his fears of barbed wire, we find a mysterious tractor, and of course, Arveene yells at Dan.      

FunZ Episode 4

Episode 4 of FunZ, where we try our luck on a 40 person server, Arveene snipes anything that moves in Cherno, and Izumo and Dan almost shoot each other at least four times.      

FunZ Episode 5

Episode 5 of FunZ, where we dive into the new map, and Arveene and Dan learn the value of good team communication.      

FunZ Episode 6

Episode 6 of FunZ, where we take time off from chasing zombies around to play a good old fashion game of hide and seek in Electro at night.      

FunZ Episode 7

As we run around Cherno on a high pop server looking for some fun, we stumble upon the friendliest hacker we've ever met. What followed was a hilarious and terrifying journey that we hope you'll all find absolutely hilarious.      


FunZ Episode 8

Episode 8 of FunZ, what begins with an innocent skirmish between friends turns into yet another run-in with hackers, and our decision to just get away from it all.      

FunZ Episode 9

Our continuing trip through Fallujah, where Dan keeps spawning in Hell and Arveene keeps sending people there.      
FunZ Episode 10.jpg

FunZ Episode 10

Episode 10 of FunZ, where Arveene and Dan have a Mexican standoff, Izumo trips over all the guns he keeps finding, and we see how high you can fling a car in the air.      


FunZ Episode 11

Episode 11 of FunZ, where Izumo doesn't check his mirrors when he backs up, Dan tries to ride a bike with a broken leg, and we take part in a climactic game of cat and mouse.      

FunZ Episode 12

Episode 12 of FunZ, where Izumo and Dan try attempt to set the record for longest zombie train, we discuss the possibility of a FunZ theme song, and our attempts to loot a downed helicopter do not go according to plan.      

FunZ Episode 13

Episode 13 of FunZ, where we try out Namalsk, and we show how miscommunication leads to Arveene almost killing Dan.      

FunZ Episode 14

Episode 14 of FunZ, continuing our adventure on Namalsk, where Dan finds the dumbest way to kill himself, and Izumo just can't jump over those darn fences.

FunZ Episode 15

Episode 15 of FunZ, where we return to Chernarus, Arveene finds a way to combine Sesame Street and bandit-killing, and Dan becomes an axe murderer.      

FunZ Episode 16

Episode 16 of FunZ, where we hold off at the school in Electro, and Izumo racks up an insanely large zombie kill count.      

FunZ Episode 17

Episode 17 of FunZ, where Izumo becomes the greatest negotiator ever, and we all find out the real reason Dan keeps getting teamkilled in all these games.      

FunZ Episode 18

Episode 18 of FunZ, where we venture out to Cherno at night, get the living hell scared out of us by multiple helicopters flying around the city, and Izumo resists the urge to kill me on top of city hall.      

FunZ Episode 19

Episode 19 of FunZ, where Dan tries to rid the Balota Airfield, and Arveene and Izumo kill everything in Cherno that moves.      

FunZ Episode 20

Episode 20 of FunZ, where we find out just how difficult it is to hunt for food out in the forest, Dan contemplates blowing Izumo's kneecaps off with a shotgun, and we all try to repair a bus before night falls and we all die.      

 FunZ Episode 21

Episode 21 of FunZ, where we learn the need to do extensive reconnaissance at night, and Dan and Arveene attempt to two-man the Northwest Airfield.      

FunZ Episode 22

Episode 22 of FunZ, where we wrap up on the night server, Dan scores a new set of wheels, and Izumo learns about diminishing returns in Cherno.      


FunZ Episode 23 Part 1

Episode 23 of FunZ, where Arveene finds a helicopter to fly, we attempt to find some downed helicopters, and we start blowing up vehicles for the fun of it.      

FunZ Episode 23 Part 2

Part 2 of Episode 23, where we finally start finding some downed helicopters, and find all kinds fun stuff at the Northwest Airfield.      


FunZ Episode 24

Episode 24 of FunZ, where we attempt to not ruin our brand new Jeep, and alot of people die in Electro.      

FunZ Episode 25

Episode 25 of FunZ, where we find out how much zombies like coming to school, and we kill a defenseless player in the worst way possible.      

FunZ Episode 26

Episode 26 of FunZ, where Dan reclaims his gear after his embarrassing swan dive, we have a shootout in the Cherno Firehall, and Arveene gets the crap scared out of him.      


FunZ Episode 27

Episode 27 of FunZ, where Arveene has a run in with a helicopter, and we face our most dangerous adversaries in this game.