Episodes 1-40 of Funlands,

 Funlands Episode 1

The first installment of our playthrough of Borderlands 2, where we marvel at the sheer number of pop culture references Gearbox snuck into the game and I learn the lesson that you should always clear a room before buying supplies. 

  Funlands Episode 2

Funlands Episode 2, where Drew and I finally make it to Sanctuary, and run into a familiar voice actor who's character surprisingly does not die.      


 Funlands Episode 3

Episode 3 of Funlands, where Dan professes his love for bacon, and we realize something is very familiar about the psychos in this game.      


 Funlands Episode 4

Episode 4 of Funlands, where Drew and Dan find the Firehawk, who Dan immediately compares to a certain Star Trek character, and we dive recklessly into the Danger Zone.      


Funlands Episode 5

Episode 5 of Funlands, where we attempt to free Roland, Drew finds his favorite area in the game, and Dan unwittingly becomes a sacrifice to the great God Marcus.      

Funlands Episode 6

Episode 6 of Funlands, where we meet the funniest character in the entire game, we kill some giant robots, and participate in a tea party that will give me nightmares for weeks.      


Funlands Episode 7

Episode 7 of Funlands, where we tackle the Bandit Arena and try to see how many Goliaths we can get to fight each other at once.      

Funlands Episode 8

Episode 8 of Funlands, where we attempt to get back to Sanctuary, we show our love for those afflicted with skull shivers, and I tell T-Bone Junction to suck it.      

Funlands Episode 9

Episode 9 of Funlands, where Izumo and Dan attempt rescue Bloodwing, we discuss the political messages Gearbox snuck into the game, and Dan becomes Claptrap's best friend.      


Funlands Episode 10

Episode 10 of Funlands, where Izumo and Dan form an unstoppable communist alliance to stop the Slab King.      

Funlands Episode 11

 Episode 11 of Funlands, which features Dan's journey through Opportunity, and we find out how neglected he was as a child.      


Funlands Episode 12

Episode 12 of Funlands, where Dan attempts to reach the bunker and we discuss how Borderlands gives us hope for the future.      


Funlands Episode 13

Episode 13 of Funlands, where Dan uses critical thinking to solve logic problems in Sanctuary, and Izumo shows us the greatest thing Gearbox snuck into the game.      


Funlands Episode 14

Episode 14 of Funlands, where we try to see how my Goliaths can fight each other at once, and Dan and Izumo go on a treasure hound.      


Funlands Episode 15

Episode 15 of Funlands, where Izumo and Dan get really personal with Handsome Jack, Gearbox introduces a quest line that blurs our perspective on morality and the human condition, and we stumble onto the secret that could make literally every video game better. 

Funlands Episode 16

Episode 16 of Funlands, where Izumo and Dan return to a familiar town, and we learn the difference between choking and strangulation.      

Funlands Episode 17

This is it, Dan and Izumo finally take on Jack and the Warrior, fingers crossed it isn't a giant tentacle monster this time around.      


Funlands Episode 18

And we're onto the Captain Scarlett DLC, where Dan meets the neediest character Gearbox has ever created, and we find out just how much Cursed Pirates suck.


Funlands Episode 19

Episode 19 of Funlands, where we finally meet Captain Scarlett, Izumo finds out how hard the game is when Dan is Level 50 as well, and Dan finds the dumbest way to kill the Sandman.      



Funlands Episode 20

Episode 20 of Funlands, where we finally take on Terramorphous, Dan and Izumo begin to appreciate the benefits of having a Harmony Siren in the group, and we all learn that Rock Tentacles suck.... alot.      


Funlands Episode 21

Episode 21 of Funlands, where Dan aspires to become Hyperion's new CEO, and Izumo becomes a suicidal, rocket-launching madman.      



Funlands Episode 22

Episode 22 of Funlands, where we find the saddest character in Pandora, and Dan questions what Scooter does with all the parts we get for him.           

Funlands Episode 23

Episode 23 of Funlands, where Izumo and Dan discover the true depths of robot morality, we find out how much Dan hated school, and we absolutely murder the weakest boss Pandora has to offer.      


Funlands Episode 24

Episode 24 of Funlands, where Izumo and Dan finally finish Captain Scarlett's DLC, so get ready for ninjas, double-crosses, adorable pets, and everything else Gearbox felt like throwing at us.      


Funlands Episode 25

Episode 25 of Funlands, where Izumo and Dan finally start the Mr. Torgue DLC. Come watch the badass gladiator fights, badass bar fights, and everything else in the DLC that's badass.      



Funlands Episode 26

Episode 26 of Funlands, where Izumo and Dan train under the most dangerous person on Pandora, we save people from poison beer by killing them, and Scooter overreacts alot.      



Funlands Episode 27

Episode 27 of Funlands, where we take Tina's dog on a walk, Dan figures out the newest best job on Pandora, and we take on the Number Three Badass.      



Funlands Episode 28

Episode 28 of Funlands, where Dan and Izumo take on Flyboy, the merits of eating cookies as a training regiment are debated, and Izumo scares the crap out of Dan.      



Funlands Episode 29

Episode 29 of Funlands, where Izumo and Dan finally wrap up Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, we take on that cheating bastard Piston, and there might be a giant robot dinosaur or two.      

Funlands Episode 30

Episode 30 of Funlands, where Izumo and Dan finally head off into Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, and immediately believe they've stumbled into Heart of Darkness.      

Funlands Episode 31

Episode 31 of Funlands, where Dan and Izumo collect Easter eggs and take on the mighty state of Arizona.      


Funlands Episode 32

Episode 32 of Funlands, where Dan starts to think he's been playing the game a bit too much, and we kill more jungle natives than a Resident Evil 5 playthrough.      

Funlands Episode 33

Episode 33 of Funlands, where Claptrap finds out he might not be alone in the universe, Izumo experiences some rough connection issues, and Dan finally nails down the core emotion of this DLC.      

Funlands Episode 34

Episode 34 of Funlands, where we speculate what the Handsome Jack Clone will actually be, and we get lost while we kill all of the native population.      

Funlands Episode 35

Episode 35 of Funlands, where we hunt down Jack's DNA, we find the lamest morgue on Pandora, and we officially rename the DLC.      

Funlands Episode 36

Episode 36 of Funlands, where we discuss Izumo's legal issues, and Claptrap tells us what the most dangerous animal of all.


Funlands Episode 37

Episode 37 of Funlands, where Izumo and Dan finally finish Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, and take on the final Handsome Jack clone!      

Funlands Episode 38

Episode 38 of Funlands, where we finally take on Hyperius the Invincible, and I don't want to tell you how many attempts we actually had to make to do it.      


Funlands Episode 39

Funlands is back with some Tiny Tina DLC! This week features our total immersion in Bunkers & Badasses, and Dan speculates at the life lessons Tina will learn by the end of this.    


Funlands Episode 40

Episode 40 of Funlands, where we attempt to determine if Mister Torgue is a nerd, and we venture into the Forest of Being Eaten Alive by Trees. It should be fun.