Episodes 43.5-70 of Funfield, the greatest thing to ever happen in Battlefield.

Funfield Episode 43.5

Episode 43.5 of Funfield, where Dan breaks down and starts using the AEK in Close Quarters maps, and Izumo makes a grave miscalculation in an LAV.      


Funfield Episode 44

Episode 44 of Funfield where Izumo and Dan see who can rez each other more, and Drew finally rejoins the show!      


Funfield Episode 44.5

Episode 44.5 of Funfield, where Arveene decides only he can fly the attack choppers on our team, and we turn the Jeep into an actual weapon of destruction.        

Funfield Episode 45

Episode 45 of Funfield, where we gear up for Armored Kill, by attempting to be dangerous in the least-threatening vehicles DICE put in the game.      

Funfield Episode 45.5

Episode 45.5 of Funfield, where Arveene and Dan subtly blend teamkilling and Yu-Gi-Oh references, and Kual finds himself back in his favorite alley in Grand Bazaar.      


Funfield Episode 46

It's time for some Armored Kill! Watch us attempt to fight off C-130s and a particularly annoying TV Missile sniper, and Dan attempts to see how high he can get an ATV in the air.      


Funfield Episode 46.5

Episode 46.5 of Funfield, filled with more Armored Kill goodness, where Arveene singles out a particular play to focus his rage on, and Dan actually flies some aircraft.      


Funfield Episode 47

Episode 47 of Funfield, where Dan finds new ways to die from claymores, and we figure out what's been holding up the release of Half-Life 3.      


Funfield Episode 47.5

Episode 47.5 of Funfield, where Dan gets way too overly-attached to Point D on Operation Firestorm, and we finally figure out the ideal battle plan when we don't know where the enemy is.      



Funfield Episode 48

Episode 48 of Funfield, where we actually attempt a coordinated Javelin squad, and Dan stands way too close to things he plants C4 on.      




Funfield Episode 48.5

Episode 48.5 of Funfield, where Izumo finds the perfect way to troll Arveene when he's sniping, and we gain a little insight into Drew's religious beliefs.      

Funfield Episode 49

Episode 49 of Funfield, where Arveene and Dan introduce end-of-the-map challenges (which they immediately  fail at), and we see what happens when Kual isn't around to police his alley on Grand Bazaar.      


Funfield Episode 49.5

Episode 49.5 of Funfield where Arveene and Dan attempt to ATV an entire map, and Drew is forcibly ejected from his vehicle.      



Funfield Episode 50

Episode 50 of Funfield, where we fight over helicopters instead of M-COM stations, Dan finds a shooting gallery in Norshahr, and we mourn the loss of Sparky the EOD Bot.      



Funfield Episode 50.5

Episode 50.5 of Funfield, where Arveene is finally nice to Dan and we go for unconventional ways to kill people in a helicopter.      




Funfield Episode 51

Episode 51 of Funfield, where Dan and Izumo get way too attached to the Funvee, we finally stumble upon the true purpose of the show, and Dan actually snipes.

Funfield Episode 51.5

Episode 51.5 of Funfield, where we discuss the raw power of the Red Bull Army, Dan finds a new way to destroy vehicles, and we try to unstick a chopper.      


Funfield Episode 52

Episode 52 of Funfield, where Drew and Dan attempt to avoid javelins in an attack chopper, we attempt to wipe an entire team off the map with a Fun-vee, and we see how awesome of a jump an EOD Bot can make.      



Funfield Episode 52.5

Episode 52.5 of Funfield, where we discuss the role of Alchemy in Battlefield, and Dan fears for the kids on Legends of the Hidden Temple.      

Funfield Episode 53

Episode 53 of Funfield, where we showcase the joys of having someone constantly MAV through an entire map, and Dan finds a new way to get snipers off the roof.      


Funfield Episode 54

Episode 54 of Funfield, where we unleash the MAV fleet to annoying and confuse the enemy team.      


Funfield Episode 54.5

Episode 54.5 of Funfield, where Dan and Izumo bro-out wicked hard on Donya Fortress, and Izumo questions the effectiveness of his claymores.      



Funfield Episode 55

Episode 55 of Funfield, where Izumo wants to conduct scientific experiments, and Dan bounces between sad and angry about five times over the course of the episode.      



Funfield Episode 55.5

Episode 55.5 of Funfield, where Kual and Dan discuss the merits of teamkilling, and Arveene and Dan are in dire need of motivation.      



Funfield Episode 56

Episode 56 of Funfield, where Arveene confronts his greatest enemy (i.e. Battlelog), and Kual and Dan get sad at the current trend of gaming.      


 Funfield Episode 56.5

Episode 56.5 of Funfield, where Dan struggles to find people to shoot in Gun Master, Izumo struggles to play as his mouse dies on him, and all of us struggle not to completely embarrass the people playing on Seine Crossing with us.      

Funfield Episode 57

Episode 57 of Funfield, where we attempt to take on all of the other team's tanks, Arveene gets way to overprotective of Dan, and we return to the meat grinder map.      

Funfield Episode 57.5

Episode 57.5 of Funfield, where Blue rediscovers his love of claymores, and we find out that our group is all an attacking Rush team needs.      

Funfield Episode 58

It's time for some Aftermath gameplay, watch as Dan epically fails with the crossbow, and Arveene finally shows some remorse when it comes to teamkilling.      

Funfield Episode 58.5

Episode 58.5 of Funfield, where Izumo and Kual start having issues with the M1911, and Dan sets a new low in how he was teamkilled.      

Funfield Episode 59

Episode 59 of Funfield, where we test drive Aftermath's latest vehicles, and ask the profound question: How much of this map is going to come crashing down on our heads?         

Funfield Episode 59.5

Episode 59.5 of Funfield, where Drew tries out flying Little Birds through the city on Markaz, and Dan finds a way to cause big explosions and teamkill Arveene at the same time.         

Funfield Episode 60

Episode 60 of Funfield, where Dan proves to be better anti-air than a Tunguska, Izumo learns what happens when you drive a plane off a cliff, and Arveene just can't get his boat to work.      


Funfield Episode 60.5

Episode 60.5 of Funfield, where we all fail at flying the Little Bird through Markaz Monolith, and Izumo starts to believe in a higher power... for about fifteen seconds.      

Funfield Episode 61

Episode 61 of Funfield, where Dan proclaims himself Emperor and Arveene reveals his spider-sense ability to subsequently kill Dan.      

Funfield Episode61-5.jpg

Funfield Episode 61.5

Episode 61.5 of Funfield, where Izumo's fearlessness is tested once again, this time by Arveene, and Dan finds out what happens when he gets mad and starts using a G18 on Scavenger maps.      

Funfield Episode 62

Episode 62 of Funfield, where we all learn some life lessons, and Izumo takes the Little Bird to the Mall.      


 Funfield Episode 62.5

Episode 62.5 of Funfield, where Izumo starts taking the game too seriously, and Dan ends up killing him alot because of it.      


Funfield Episode 63

Episode 63 of Funfield, where Arveene learns the fun of guided missiles on the Little Bird, and find out why you should always have a suppressor equipped on Damavand Conquest.      


Funfield Episode 63.5

Episode 63.5 of Funfield, where we sad-cap a team on Grand Bazaar, and Gabe Newell destroys Dan's faith in humanity.      


Funfield Episode 64

Episode 64 of Funfield, where we finally figure out what vehicle makes Armored Kill maps fun, and Dan just can't capture the Gatehouse on Karkand, no matter how many people he kills.      



Funfield Episode 64.5

Episode 64.5 of Funfield, where we continue our antics in the Jeep, Drew learns how tall the walls are around the airfield, and we find out why you should always run in front of Arveene.      


Funfield Episode 65

Episode 65 of Funfield, where Arveene and Dan get way too attached to other team's Humvee, Dan finally appreciates getting teamkilled, and we hit a new all-time low.      

Funfield Episode 65.5

Episode 65.5 of Funfield, where we learn that the brakes on the Humvee clearly need some work, and Dan stops Arveene/Drew from teamkilling him the only way he knows how.             


Funfield Episode 66

Episode 66 of Funfield, where we cause havoc in the insanely vulnerable vehicles that came out in Aftermath, and Dan finds a new way to one-up his suicides.        

Funfield Episode 66.5

Episode 66.5 of Funfield, where we boldly take the Nerdmobile to strange, new places, Kual and Blue try to minimize Dan's contributions to the team, and Origin keeps resetting Dan's vehicle loadouts.      


Funfield Episode 67

Episode 67 of Funfield, where Dan actually snipes more than one person, and Arveene goes on a rampage.      

Funfield Episode 67.5

Episode 67.5 of Funfield, where Dan gets teamkilled by someone other than the people he normally plays with, and we find out that Arveene is the worst alarm clock over.      

Funfield Episode 68

Episode 68 of Funfield, where Blue and Dan have a building explode around them, and we learn why you shouldn't use the Venom to cap points.      


Funfield Episode 68.5

Episode 68.5 of Funfield, where Rambo tries out Scavenger for the first time, and Dan attempts to single-handedly use the Nerdmobile.      


Funfield Episode 69

Episode 69 of Funfield, where we return to Close Quarters maps, the tension at the end of a Gun Master game gets to Dan, and Arveene finds a new assault rifle to replace the AEK.      



Funfield Episode 69.5

Episode 69.5 of Funfield, where Izumo fights with Punkbuster, and someone is really nice on our team by continuously uses a Soflam.      

Funfield Episode 70

Our 70th Episode of Funfield, where we re-return to our roots, and blow up a lot of people with rockets.