Episodes 1-43 of Funfield, the greatest thing to ever happen in Battlefield.           

Funfield Episode 1

 The first episode of our new show Funfield, a gameplay series looking at the general hilarity of sticking four assholes in a Battlefield 3 match together.

Funfield Episode 2

 The second episode of Funfield, a look at what happens when four assholes play Battlefield together, chocked full of stinger missile fantasies, helicopter rides, and a 600 ticket Metro Conquest server.


Funfield Episode 3

Episode 3 of Funfield, filled with chopper roadkills, SMAW killing on a boat, and the Ironic Director. Also, alot of people die since it's Battlefield.



Funfield Episode 4

Funfield Episode 4, full of large tanks in small places and quite possibly the record for most stinger hits taken by a helicopter.

Funfield Episode 5

Episode 5 of Funfield, filled with helicopter antics, explosions, and the joy of using shotguns in the subway of Metro.

Funfield Episode 6

The latest episode of Funfield, full of more helicopter antics, anger at the irony director, and discussions about the holidays.

Funfield Episode 7

Funfield Episode 7, jam packed with new players, prolonged bouts of LAV-murdering, and mean/sarcastic/terrible/hilarious commentary.

Funfield Episode 8

Episode 8 of Funfield, showcasing the latest batch of humor during our recent week playing Battlefield 3.


Funfield Episode 9

Episode 9 of Funfield, where we see how many light posts a helicopter can hit and find out just how little armor the bulldozer on Sharqi Peninsula has.


Funfield Episode 10

The first Funfield of the new year, filled with a flurry of knife kills and why I love people that use the SOFLAM.

Funfield Episode 11

Episode 11 of Funfield, filled with helicopter repair deaths and banshee shrieks like you'd never believe.


Funfield Episode 12

Episode 12 of Funfield, filled with LAV repairs and super vehicle kills.

Funfield Episode 13

Episode 13 of Funfield, filled with knife kill streaks and boldly taking helicopter where they should never go.


Funfield Episode 14

Episode 14 of Funfield, filled with enough stinger missile snipes and teamkilling to get you through the rest of the week.



Funfield Episode 15

Episode 15 of Funfield, complete with smoke rounds, tank killing sprees, and possibly the largest amount of grenades thrown on a map ever.



Funfield Episode 16

Episode 16 of Funfield, filled with indestructible pillars and the most gut-wrenching sounds ever made on Ventrillo.


Funfield Episode 17

Episode 17 of Funfield, where Arveene learns the joy of C4 and I learn the misfortune of being near him when he detonates it.


Funfield Episode 18

Episode 18 of Funfield, where we finally decide to hop in a Jeep (mainly because all the other vehicles were taken).

Funfield Episode 19

Episode 19 of Funfield, complete with multikills, Humvee antics, and of course, Arveene screaming at the top of his lungs.


Funfield Episode 20

The momentous 20th episode of Funfield, filled with a surprise you probably never saw coming.



Funfield Episode 21

Episode 21 of Funfield, full of a surprising amount of legitimate teamwork, who knew? Too bad it leads to nothing.



Funfield Episode 22

Episode 22 of Funfield, filled with Blue's rampant boredom and Arveene's love of a new vehicle.


Funfield Episode22-5.jpg

Funfield Episode 22.5

 The first mini-sode of Funfield, filled with more Claymore kills and team revives than ever thought possible.


Funfield Episode 23

Episode 23 of Funfield, where we explore the new audio sensation that is the Jeep's horn, and Arveene shares a little about what he does outside of the game.



Funfield Episode 23.5

Mini-sode #2 for Funfield, filled with feverish battles at Point B of Strike at Karkand, and the true meaning of Easter.


Funfield Episode 24

Episode 24 of Funfield, filled with daring helicopter fly-bys and a discussion of religion and anime.      

Funfield Episode 24.5

Mini-sode #3, filled with LAV-awesomeness, and super-exciting helicopter rescues from the water.      


Funfield Episode 25

Episode 25 of Funfield, filled with explosions, revelations about classic childhood books/shows, and Arveene's slowly degrading sanity.



Funfield Episode 25.5

Episode 25.5 of Funfield, where I get the greatest mortar kill ever, and Kual and I blow up way too many buses.


Funfield Episode 26

Episode 26 of Funfield, filled with Drew in an attack chopper, and Dan's inability to see a bad situation until seven seconds later.      



Funfield Episode 26.5

Funfield Episode 26.5, where Kual doesn't want to be on our team, and I get way too possessive about a certain vehicle.      




Funfield Episode 27

Episode 27 of Funfield, where Dan finds a completely new way to teamkill Arveene, and we actually try to balance our squad's class makeup (surprisingly it doesn't go over well).      


Funfield Episode 27.5

Funfield Episode 27.5, where we find out just how much Drew hates cats, and Dan makes our first obscure reference challenge.      


Funfield Episode 28

Episode 28 of Funfield, where Krultek and Dan both finally decide to fly helicopters, and Dan plays a thrilling game of hide-and-go-seek with an LAV.      

Funfield Episode 28.5

Episode 28.5 of Funfield, where Krultek gets way too happy at killing an entire squad, and we see how many grenades it takes before we decide to just spawn at another point in Grand Bazaar.      

Funfield Episode 29

Episode 29 of Funfield, filled with Dan's constant inability to fly any vehicle, and Arveene has a mental breakdown in the middle of a match.

Funfield Episode 29.5

Episode 29.5 where Dan further proves that he's a terrible sniper, Arveene decides that he is the only person who gets to revive people, and Krultek says the corniest thing ever uttered on the show.      


Funfield Episode 30 

The monumental 30th episode of Funfield, filled with brand new people and same old teamkilling.      


Funfield Episode 30.5

The Memorial Day mini-sode, filled with talks about spyware and old school N64 games.            


Funfield Episode 31

Episode 31 of Funfield, where Arveene finally goes over to the other team, and Drew and Dan attempt to make his life miserable in the attack chopper.           


Funfield Episode 31.5

Take a break from the sadness that is E3 and watch this week's mini-sode, filled with Drew and Kual teamkilling to get in the attack chopper, and Dan pulls off another insane tank juke.


Funfield Episode 32

Episode 32 of Funfield, where Arveene and Dan reunited in the helicopter, and Krultek bestows his respect on a certain fan of the show.


Funfield Episode 32.5

Episode 32.5 of Funfield, where we finally start using a tank correctly and we finally realize what we needed in order to be the best team ever.      

Funfield Episode 33

Episode 33 of Funfield, where Dan and Izumo discuss contemporary music, and Kual gets way to needy about defending Point E on Seine Crossing Conquest.      


Funfield Episode 33.5

Episode 33.5 of Funfield, where Dan figures out he shouldn't drive, and Drew continues to dominate every server we play we.


Funfield Episode34.jpg

Funfield Episode 34

Our first crack at Close Quarters, where Drew and Dan find the perfect weapons for the maps, and Dan finds out what Doctor Who does to his psyche.


Funfield Episode 34.5

In this mini-sode, Drew talks about his online liaisons, and we drive Russia to the point of nuclear retaliation.      


Funfield Episode 35

Episode 35 of Funfield, where we actually showcase someone sniping who's good at it, and Arveene finds newfound hatred for wheelbarrels.      



Funfield Episode35-5.jpg

Funfield Episode 35.5

Episode 35.5 of Funfield, where the room below A on Scrapmetal turns into a meat grinder, and Arveene and Dan take credit for the impossible.            


Funfield Episode 36

Episode 36 of Funfield, where Blue continues his streak as the annoying medic, and we find out that our team really hates bulldozers.            


Funfield Episode 36.5

Episode 36.5, where Blue and Dan attempt to guided-shell everything in sight, and we realize none of us know what a good idea is.      


Funfield Episode 37

Episode 37 of Funfield, where Arveene manages to fly a helicopter and troll at the same time, and we kill time waiting for people to try and plant at point B on Grand Bazaar.      

Funfield Episode 37.5

Episode 37.5 of Funfield where we delve into the psyche of tanks, and Arveene and I argue over who gets to take credit for our team's success.      


Funfield Episode 38


Episode 38 of Funfield, where Arveene and I learn the merits of communication in the Humvee, and we do a Seine Crossing speed rush.      


Funfield Episode 38.5

Episode 38.5, where we learn the morals of trying to play on a Christian server, and by morals, I mean Arveene teamkills alot.      


Funfield Episode 39

Episode 39 of Funfield, where we salvage an attack chopper and Kual gets way too overprotective of his Alleyway on Grand Bazaar      



Funfield Episode 39.5

Episode 39.5 of Funfield, where Blue blows himself up no less than four times and Arveene gets up close and personal with a LAV.      


 Funfield Episode 40

Our momentous 40th episode of Funfield, where we most definitely play Battlefield 3 and not some other game.      



Funfield Episode 41

Episode 41 of Funfield, where Blue becomes the harbinger of doom, and Arveene trolls an entire Metro server.


Funfield Episode 41.5

Episode 41.5 of Funfield, where we discuss alternative Olympic sports and Dan has a rare moment of super competence.      

Funfield Episode 42

Episode 42 of Funfield, where Arveene and Dan actually have a successful run in the attack chopper, and then Dan and Izumo have a less than successful follow-up run (Dan really needs to learn how to fly things).      


Funfield Episode 42.5

Episode 42.5 of Funfield, where Izumo takes long drives down the beach in his LAV, and we learn that construction vehicles are not immune to anti-tank mines.      


Funfield Episode 43

Episode 43 of Funfield, where Kual and Dan try to see which of their hometowns has a higher unemployment rate, and the group decides on a new code of conduct while playing.