The next exciting series featuring your favorite procrastinating heroes. This page features the ten most recent episodes. For earlier episodes, visit the Archives.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 63

The assault on Illidan's stronghold begins. A daring plan, a surprise smokescreen, and a whole lot of cannon fodder marks our heroes descent into the heart of evil.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 62

The plan is set, our heroes know their roles, and now the opening salvo on Illidan's stronghold begins.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 61

With a newly freed Draenei general in tow, our heroes finally muster their forces for a last-ditch assault on Illidan's stronghold. Plus, an important announcement at the end of the show about where this series is going.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 60

In the aftermath of a suicidal Gnome Fireball and a hastily conceived plan to antagonize Infernals to stop a Death Knight, our heroes are forced to live with their choices (although Rocetmal would probably just prefer to die after getting pummeled by more rock fists than he can count).

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 59

A Gnome tries to save his clan, a Draenei attempts to barter with a giant, and a warlock attempts his dumbest plan yet.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 58

Two Draenei are trapped under a mountain, one Warlock cannot find the energy to climb a hill, and one tiny Ogre Overlord attempts to rally his clan to war. Never a dull moment from your favorite procrastinating heroes.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 57

Faced with a jailbreak on one hand, and a surprising revelation about a proposed army of Ogres, our heroes will need all the help they can get for the eventual showdown with Illidan.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 56

The hunt for the Draenei General continues, while the rest of our heroes stare down the barrel of a Blood Magic-Enhanced Troll Warlord.

Survivor: Wastelands Episode 55

The ploys to infiltrate both the prison camp and to spike the Blood Well begin in earnest, and both Ela and Rocetmal have trouble keeping their mouths shut.


Survivor: Wastelands Episode 54

Operation: Gnome Down (Pro is thinking of a snappier title) is in full effect as our heroes attempt to infiltrate an ancient Troll stronghold, while Windrift attempts to guide the group to an Alliance town out in the middle of a barren hellscape.